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Organic Turmeric available right now!

Our Turmeric is certified as organic by Americert International, and all parts of the growing, sorting, and packing process are completed right here on our land. The growing season for Turmeric here is best from April through November, and is available for sale from us starting in February. Growing Turmeric requires a lot of hand labor throughout most of the season. In April, each root is planted by hand in individual holes, covered with dirt, and watered in carefully. Until November we must continue to water the plants with drip irrigation and weed around them by hand. We also apply by hand, various organic nutritional amendments to the foliage and the soil throughout the entire growing season. When it is time to harvest, a machine can lift the plants from the ground but each individual plant must still be picked up, carried from the field, washed, and sorted all by hand. After being dried on racks, the turmeric is graded and packed in boxes by hand. 


We can ship to anywhere in the USA, providing discounts on bulk orders. We offer 10 lb and 30 lb boxes to ship. If you shop in our store we have as small as a ¼ (quarter) pound packages available for more personal use. Please call or email us directly with questions or to place an order!