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a growing Heritage

White Rabbit Acres is a 30 acre family owned and operated Organic Farm located in Vero Beach, Florida. We have been farming and practicing good stewardship of the land here since 1999, and it is our mission to provide quality food directly to the consumer.  Our largest crop is certified organic turmeric, but we also grow a small amount of produce for our self-service farm store.


Why Organic? – We don’t grow organic to be hip or trendy or take more of your money. We honestly believe in conservative farming practices that bring clean, high quality food to the consumer. We care about the land we grow on and try our best to recycle nutrients back into the soil where they belong. With anything in life, when you start with a good base you get a good end result. The same principle applies to farming, when you treat the land as a WHOLE as best you can with organic practices you end up with a better product. The soil is treated like a long term investment instead of a quick trade, and the nutritional value of the end product whether it is meat or vegetables is far better for you.  With our onsite store, we are able to produce a sustainably grown product on a very small scale directly to our consumers.


We proudly grow, pack, and ship all products ourselves!

We can ship to anywhere in the USA, providing discounts on bulk orders. We offer 10 lb and 30 lb boxes to ship. If you shop in our store, we have as small as a ¼ (quarter) pound packages available for more personal use. Please contact us with questions or to place an order! 

Please contact us for orders larger than 60 lbs


Visit our farm store!



3375 66th Avenue 

Vero Beach, FL 32966


From Route 60 in Vero Beach: Head north on 66th avenue until you pass 33rd street, Then turn left at the sign for Peterson's Groves and Nursery. Follow the driveway to the right to White Rabbit Organics farm stand.